"MQ Licensee Open Forum" Webinar

"MQ Licensee Open Forum" Webinar

Facilitators: Amy N. Mullen & Kelly Wilkerson

Guest Facilitator: MQ Veteran Licensee, Thom Allison, CFP®

Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM PDT / 4:00PM-5:00PM EDT


We kicked off our discussion of the metaphor of the elephant and the rider, a feature in Chip and Dan Heath's Book "Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard," in our August Open Forum webinar. We focused on the obstacles that the rider faces (the analytical left brain) and what we can do to better direct our rider. We will continue to discuss how this metaphor relates to the obstacles that advisors face when trying to fully implement a financial life planning process and the strategies that can be taken to overcome these obstacles in our September and October Open Forums.

During the September session we will examine the obstacles that commonly occur for the elephant (the emotional right brain) and what might help to keep the elephant motivated.

This webinar is open to MQ Licensees only (Financial Life Planning Tools, Purpose-Based Planning™ Tools, & First Step Cash Management™)

Are you curious about how other advisors are using the MQ materials? Ever wish you could ask another Licensee about their fee structure? Want to be able to bounce an idea off your like-minded colleagues?

Our "MQ Licensee Open Forum" webinar series allows you to do all of this and more! These sessions offer the opportunity to tap into the depth of wisdom and breadth of experience within our MQ Community. In addition, members of the the MQ Team are on hand to provide feedback and offer guidance.

Each webinar begins with a brief presentation featuring a helpful tip, strategy or resource, as well as thoughts on the topic from a fellow Licensee. The remainder of the session is open for discussion on any topic, and shaped by your interests, questions, and experiences.

Next, we want to hear from YOU! We encourage you to ask questions, toss around ideas, and share your experiences. We are open to any and all discussion topics, but here are some ideas:
•What are best practices for introducing the FLP process to new and existing clients?
•How can I create workshops using the MQ tools?
•What challenges have other advisors experienced when using the tools with couples?
•How do I involve my staff members in learning about the MQ process so they are best equipped to assist our clients?
•How do I communicate the value of the FLP process to potential clients?
•How are other advisors integrating MQ materials into ongoing meetings with established clients?
If you would like to make sure that a particular topic receives special attention during the session, please feel free to email Amy or Kelly prior to the webinar.

This FREE webinar is open to MQ Licensees only (Financial Life Planning Tools, Purpose-Based Planning™ Tools, & First Step Cash Management™)


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