FPA of Los Angeles

FPA of Los Angeles

Thursday, April 20th / 1:00PM PDT-5:00PM PDT

Presentation:  Becoming A Superhuman Financial Planner: Strengthen your ESP by taking a multi-discliplinary approach to Financial Planning - Taking Behavioral Finance to Implementation


Enhance the effectiveness of the work you do with your clients by taking a multi-disciplinary perspective of the dynamics at play in your relationship, in how you communicate, and in your client's financial beliefs, behaviors, and decisions. During this presentation, Amy will share research in behavioral finance, positive psychology, and biology and discuss various theories such as Principles of Adult Education, Self-Determination Theory, and Stages of Change. She will demonstrate how to apply these insights and knowledge to the work you do with your client by introducing a 5-E Model for Effective Communication. This model was specifically designed to enhance the 6-step Financial Planning process to increase the client's level of trust and commitment in the advisor, client engagement in the financial planning process, and the effectiveness of the overall working relationship.

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