Money Quotient Fee Structure for

Financial Life Planning® Tools

How to Get Started: 4 Entry Levels

Please read this page thoroughly as it will answer many of your questions about how to start at the licensing level of your choice, what fees are associated, how to move up levels when you are ready to do so, and what additional modules and services cost.

Money Quotient offers four different options for licensing Financial Life Planning® Tools:

Each licensing level represents a package of tools and benefits, and each successive level offers an increasing number of tools and benefits.  Level 1, the “Sampler,” can be licensed prior to attending Money Quotient’s “Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning” (FFLP) training course.  Levels 2, 3, and 4 can only be licensed following completion of the FFLP training course.  For more information about this prerequisite, click here.

To return and review what tools and benefits are included in each of the licensing levels, click here.  In addition, the M.Q.® staff is readily available to answer your questions and to help you match your needs and goals to the most appropriate Licensing Level.  Also keep in mind that you will be introduced to the full suite of Money Quotient materials and licensing options during the FFLP training course.


An important feature of our licensing structure is that, once you have completed the FFLP training, you can move up the Levels one by one or you can immediately advance to Level 4.  Either way, the cost to you will be the same.  Read more about how to move up Level to Level on page 3 of this document.  Read more about how to move up level to level below under the "Moving Up Levels" heading. 

Please contact Money Quotient if you would like to establish a licensing arrangement for Level 1 or have any questions. The fee table can be found under the "Entry Level Options & Fees" heading below. 


Entry Level Options & Fees

Licensing Levels One-Time
Set Up Fee
Level 1: Sampler $150.00 $30.00
Level 2: In-Depth Data Gathering $300.00 $60.00
Level 3: In-Depth Data Gathering &
           Goal Setting
$600.00 $90.00
Level 4: Complete Financial Life
            Planning Toolkit
$900.00 $125.00


Moving Up Levels

Prior to completing the “Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning” (FFLP) training course, you are eligible to license Level 1, the “Sampler” package of tools and benefits.  After you have completed the FFLP course, you can easily transfer to Levels 2, 3, or 4.  This structure allows you to integrate the materials at a pace that is comfortable for you and your staff. 

In order to license Level 2, 3, or 4, you will pay a one-time set-up fee for the additional package of tools and benefits and begin paying the applicable monthly fee (refer to the chart on previous page). 

Moving up one or two levels:  You can be assured that your overall investment will not be higher by gradually progressing from Level 2 to Level 4 rather than initially licensing at a higher level.  Just pay $250 for each additional package of tools and benefits and begin paying the monthly fee for the Licensing Level you have chosen.  Please refer to the figure below.


Additional Modules

Money Quotient also offers an array of additional product options that can be added to any of the Licensing Levels 2, 3, and 4.  The chart below lists each additional module and accompanying fee.  Orientation phone meetings are included in these prices.  Additional training for each module is available (see Module Training fee below).  Please click here for a description of each module listed below.


Additional Modules One-Time
Set Up Fee

First Step Cash Management System™

$400.00 $50.00
Article Library $200.00 $35.00
Customized Newsletter & Article Archive $500.00 $60.00
Life Transition Worksheets &
Workbook Generator
$200.00 $30.00
M.Q. Self-Assessment/ Raise Your M.Q. Workbook:  Practitioner Option $200.00 $30.00
Designing Your Life in Retirement Workbook:
Practitioner Option
$150.00 $20.00
No Rules Retirement Workbook: Practitioner Option $150.00 $20.00
Workshops: Presenter Option
(available for each of the workbooks listed above)
Facilitator Guide & PowerPoint
$50.00 $5.00

Additional Services

Below are a list of additional services Money Quotient provides to support your Financial Life Planning Practice.  Click here for a full explanation of each service.

          Fundamentals of Financial Life
          Planning Training Seminar
          (3-day training at M.Q.
          headquarters in WA State)
          Workshop Training
          (2 phone consults & guide book)
(a one-time fee)
          Module Training $125/hr.
          On-Site Training Call to discuss options and rates
          Layout, Design, and Revisions $95/hr
(1 hour minimum)
          Business Consulting
          (via teleconference)
          On-Site Business Consulting Call to discuss options and rates

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To request that information about the M.Q. Licensing Opportunities and Fee Structure be e-mailed to you and/or to contact Money Quotient with questions, click here.