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The M.Q. Financial Life Planning 1-on-1 client meeting tools comprise our core set of materials. They provide the foundation for a truly life-centered practice that is characterized by meaningful client communications and successful, long-term relationships.

Level 1, the “Sampler,” can be licensed prior to attending Money Quotient’s “Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning” (FFLP) training course. Levels 2, 3, and 4 can only be licensed following completion of the FFLP training course. For more information about this prerequisite, click here.

Click on any of the Licensing Levels below for a full list of materials and benefits included.


Level 1: Sampler

This level includes three effective data gathering tools that will help you to get acquainted with prospective and new clients as well as bring you up-to-date on the lives of your existing clients. These tools provide the perfect way to “sample” the effectiveness of Money Quotient materials in real client meeting situations.  Learn by experience how the Financial Life Planning® approach can enhance your discovery process and facilitate meaningful client relationships.

Level 2:  In-Depth Data Gathering

This level offers a suite of quick-response, easy to use tools that will greatly enhance your data gathering efforts. This collection of Money Quotient worksheets is designed to facilitate discovery and awareness while identifying and clarifying needs, concerns, values, priorities, and aspirations.  These tools are especially helpful in “getting to know” and understand new clients and in strengthening and deepening your relationships with existing clients.


Level 3: In-Depth Data Gathering & Goal Setting

Level 3 offers all of the data gathering tools included in Level 2 plus a collection of Money Quotient worksheets that will facilitate an efficient and meaningful goal setting process.  Use these tools to guide your clients in defining life goals that will guide and direct the financial plan and advice you deliver.  Your clients will be motivated and empowered to achieve financial goals that align with and support their true values and priorities.


Level 4: Complete Financial Life Planning Toolkit


Level 4 includes the complete library of Money Quotient one-on-one client meeting tools.  In addition to all of the Level 3 materials, Level 4 includes tools that will guide your clients in reflective thinking and a growing awareness of all the factors that contribute to life satisfaction and “real” financial-well being.  These materials are appropriate for supporting an ongoing Financial Life Planning focus in your practice and for developing a coaching relationship with selected clients.

Additional Materials

In addition to the four tools options listed above, Money Quotient also offers an array of Financial Life Planning materials to support your life-centered, values-based practice.  Those who have licensed levels 2, 3, or 4 are eligible to add any of the additional modules to their tools and benefits package.  These materials include the First Step Cash Flow Management System, an extensive article library, a customized client newsletter, client workbooks that feature a “life planning” perspective on retirement, presentation materials, and much more.  All are designed to complement the Money Quotient tools and also enhance your 1) client communications, 2) relationship building activities, 3) education initiatives, and 4) marketing efforts.  To review the additional modules that can be added to licensing levels 2, 3, or 4, click here.


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Fees for All Licensing Levels and Additional Modules

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