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Money Quotient offers four separate seminars for client, corporate, and public presentations. All are based on the Financial Life Planning philosophy and include a participant workbook, facilitator guide, and PowerPoint presentation.


Designing Your Life in Retirement

"Designing Your Life in Retirement: A Guide to Planning Your Future" is a comprehensive seminar that guides participants in understanding the six elements of a meaningful and successful retirement experience. The titles of this six module program are CHANGE, BALANCE, POTENTIAL, MEANING, WEALTH, and PURPOSE.

No Rules Retirement: New Perspectives for Midlife & Beyond

The concept of retirement is undergoing a metamorphosis. Demographic, societal, and workplace trends have all converged to offer a stage of life at midlife and beyond that is much more fluid and flexible than what most of us could have imagined.

When planning for retirement, the "old rules" have been thrown out, and individuals are discovery that "no rules" apply. No longer is retirement equated with not working, leisure, and being old. In fact, "retirement" has become a matter of personal definition. The No Rules Retirement workshop is designed to assist participants in planning their lives and exploring their potential at midlife and beyond.

Measure & Raise Your Money Quotient

The "Money Quotient" workshop consists of a self-assessment that allows participants to "Measure Your M.Q." and an accompanying workbook that teaches participants how to "Raise Your M.Q." Money Quotient is a measure of one’s financial well-being on two scales: financial literacy and emotional intelligence.



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