Financial Life Planning Client Tools and Materials

The M.Q. Financial Life Planning 1-on-1 client meeting tools comprise our core set of materials. They provide the foundation for a truly life-centered practice that is characterized by meaningful client communications and successful, long-term relationships. Read more about these tools below.

In addition to the 1-on-1 client meeting tools, Money Quotient offers an array of additional materials that can be licensed to support your life-centered, values-based practice. These materials include the First Step Cash Flow Management System, an extensive article library, a customized client newsletter, client workbooks that feature a “life planning” perspective on retirement, presentation materials, and much more. All are designed to complement the Money Quotient tools and also enhance your 1) client communications, 2) relationship building activities, 3) education initiatives, and 4) marketing efforts. 

1-on-1 Tools

Financial Life Planning® is a process that helps the advisor move his or her practice from financial transaction thinking to life transition thinking. The first step is to help clients “see” the connection between their financial lives and the challenges and opportunities inherent in each life transition.

In addition, the Financial Life Planning 1-on-1 tools will help clients to identify their values, needs, and priorities and to align their financial decisions with their goals in all areas of life. Intuitively, clients understand the wisdom of using their money to make a life rather than use their lives to make money.

Financial Life Planning Practice Tools

The Financial Life Planning 1-on-1 Tools binder features a number of practice tools designed to enhance the discovery process, improve client/advisor communications, facilitate meaningful client meetings, and guide financial decisions that are appropriate to the circumstances, concerns, hopes, and dreams of the individual client.

These simple and fun questionnaires not only help the advisor to fully understand who the client is, their values, priorities, concerns, and aspirations but also help the client greatly raise their own level of self-awareness.  Topics of inquiry encompass four different areas; Satisfaction and Values, Biography, Transitions, and Goals.

With the tools from the Satisfaction and Values area, advisors help their clients to think about and assess their own level of financial satisfaction, identify and clarify their values, and begin to envision what dreams they would like to accomplish.  The tools in the Biography area help advisors to gather information about the client’s past and present life that will give clues about their financial beliefs and behaviors as well as current circumstances and responsibilities. The tools in the Transitions area allow clients to assess current and anticipated life transitions and enhance the practical strategies and emotional fortitude needed to successfully navigate, bounce back from, and welcome new experiences and transitions. Lastly, the tools in the Goals area provide a guided process for clients to explore and identify meaningful and purposeful goals that include their core values in several different facets of life that they will be intrinsically motivated to work towards.



Life Transitions Survey

The Life Transitions Survey is one of the many tools available in Money Quotient's extensive suite of Practice Tools and can be used as a frame work for on-going Financial Life Planning meetings throughout the advisor-client relationship.

The Life Transitions Survey lists 52 specific life transitions in four categories: work, financial, family, and legacy. For the life transitions that apply to the individual client, he/she may select from three time-frame responses: “currently experiencing,” “anticipate short-term,” or “anticipate long-term.”

Each item on the survey has a corresponding two-page worksheet that will assist the client in understanding the challenges and opportunities inherent in each life transition. The client’s selections are inputted using our proprietary web-based software. This program compiles the appropriate worksheets into an individualized Life Transitions Workbook complete with customized coversheet.

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