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Money Quotient (M.Q.) develops Financial Life Planning tools and training for professionals who want to make a difference in the lives of their clients. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on education and research, our purpose is to provide a life-centered approach that will engage, enlighten, and empower the clients you serve.

To this end, we have developed a process for building solid client relationships, conducting effective one-on-one meetings, and delivering value-added services. In addition, our practical, life-centered materials will help you get to the heart of your client's values and priorities, and create a framework to align a financial plan with their life goals.

We take pride in offering you the highest quality Financial Life Planning products and learning opportunities via affordable licensing arrangements. As an M.Q. Licensee, you will experience superior customer service, ongoing support, and a dynamic community of Financial Life Planning professionals.

M.Q. Announcements!

Posted 4/17/2014
Announcing the 2014 M.Q. Retreat Keynote Speakers!

Money Quotient is thrilled to announce our Keynote Speakers for the 2014 M.Q. Retreat—Tim Kasser, Tim Maurer, and Sheri Fitts!  These three innovative individuals are experts in their respective fields and are eager to share their knowledge, skills, and effective strategies with the M.Q. Community! Each of their wonderful presentations will center around our theme, "Making a Difference: Financial Life Planner as Agent of Change"! To learn more about our keynote speakers CLICK HERE!

Posted 4/10/2014
New "First Step Training" Webinar Series!

A new "First Step Training" Webinar Series begins on May 7th! The "First Step Training" webinars will enhance your understanding of the cash flow management concept, discuss the ways in which the Financial Life Planning approach and First Step complement one another, and provide you with guidance around introducing and using the system with your clients.
The "First Step Training" Webinar Series consists of two 90-minute training webinars. There is time between the sessions to allow you to complete homework and gain hands-on experience with the First Step Cash Management System™.  The webinars are faciliated by M.Q. Vice President, Amy Mullen, and will take place on Wednesday, May 7th and Wednesday, June 11th.  Both sessions are from 11:00am-12:30pm PDT / 2:00pm-3:30pm EDT.  CLICK HERE for complete details.

This webinar series is open to First Step Licensees and members of their firms only.  There is no fee to participate. Each registrant must attend both sessions.


Posted 2/6/2014
Registration Open for 2014 "M.Q. Retreat!"

The M.Q. Retreat is a biennial event that offers a unique opportunity to explore the depth and breadth of life-centered, values-based financial planning.  The 2014 M.Q. Retreat will take place September 18 & 19—the two days immediately preceding the FPA Annual Conference in Seattle, WA.  Our retreat location offers easy access to downtown Seattle via shuttle and a scenic ferry ride to the city.

This year's theme is "Making a Difference: Financial Life Planner as Agent of Change."  Advisors who gravitate to a holistic, Financial Life Planning approach seem to have an innate desire to help their clients lead happier and more fulfilling lives.  However, additional skills and knowledge can also help you be more effective as agents of positive change in your clients' lives, and these elements will be the focus of our presentations and conversations.

For details on the event, please CLICK HERE to download the Information Packet.  To register online, please CLICK HERE.

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Posted 12/18/2013
"M.Q. Semi-Annual Licensee Update" Webinar!

The first "M.Q. Semi-Annual Licensee Update" webinar of 2014 is coming up!  Keep abreast of new developments at Money Quotient and plans for the future!  M.Q. President and CEO Carol Anderson, Vice President Amy Mullen, and Director of Education Katrina Liukko will announce what is hot off the press and discuss new offerings available to the M.Q. Community.  The webinar will take place Wednesday, February 19th from 11:00AM-12:00PM PST / 2:00PM-3:00PM EST.  This FREE event is open to M.Q. Licensees only. For complete details and to register online, please CLICK HERE.

Posted 11/27/2013
"Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning" Training in Portland, OR!

Money Quotient is returning to Portland, Oregon in March to conducting our "Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning" training! The purpose of the training course is to provide participants with a thorough overview of Money Quotient's unique model of life-centered financial planning. Included in this 3-day seminar is an introduction to our philosophical foundation and the academic theories that have shaped the development of our tools and training. In addition, we provide invaluable hands-on experience with the full suite of Money Quotient materials and facilitate important discussions regarding implementation and related practice management issues. The training will take place March 5-7, 2014.



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