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Money Quotient (M.Q.®) develops Financial Life Planning tools and training for professionals who want to make a difference in the lives of their clients. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on education and research, our purpose is to provide a life-centered approach that will engage, enlighten, and empower the clients you serve.

To this end, we have developed a process for building solid client relationships, conducting effective one-on-one meetings, and delivering value-added services. In addition, our practical, life-centered materials will help you get to the heart of your client's values and priorities, and create a framework to align a financial plan with their life goals.

We take pride in offering you the highest quality Financial Life Planning products and learning opportunities via affordable licensing arrangements. As an M.Q. Licensee, you will experience superior customer service, ongoing support, and a dynamic community of Financial Life Planning professionals.

M.Q. Announcements!

Posted 4/20/2015
"Empowering Change" Advanced Training in October!

Immediately preceding the "M.Q. Gathering," we will host a powerful advanced training co-facilitated by Money Quotient Founder and President, Carol Anderson, M.S., and Vice President, Amy N. Mullen. This unique M.Q. Learning Opportunity is designed specifically for M.Q. Licensees who have completed our "Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning" training or AssetMark "Purpose-Based Planning" course, and are seeking additional skills and mastery of concepts relating to a successful Financial Life Planning process.

In this two-day advanced training, we will take an in-depth look at the Money Quotient 5-E Model for Financial Life Planning. Each phase of this dynamic process—Explore, Engage, Envision, Enlighten, and Empower—plays an indispensable role in facilitating positive change in your clients' personal and financial lives.

The "Empowering Change" Advanced Training will take place in Portland, OR October 5th-6th.

For additional information, CLICK HERE to download the M.Q. Gathering Information Packet and refer to page 4. To register online, CLICK HERE!

Posted 4/6/2015
Registration Open for the "M.Q. Gathering"!

Registration is officially open for the inaugural M.Q. Gathering: "Financial Life Planning: Building the Bridge between Knowledge and Action"! The event will take place October 7-9 at the Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon.

This special event will be conducted in an all new format, new venue, and directed by YOU!  As a Financial Life Planner, what are the challenges you are experiencing?  What have been your successes?  How have you adapted the M.Q. processes to work effectively with multiple generations, grieving clients, and reserved or resistant personalities?  How do you get all members of your firm on board?  How has Financial Life Planning enriched the lives of your clients and your own?

Come prepared to work hard and drill down to the real issues and to uncover practical solutions.  Learn from your peers and share your own knowledge and experience!  For complete details, download the Info Packet.


Posted 3/2/2015
Announcing a New Event - The M.Q. Gathering!

Money Quotient is excited to announce our first biennial "M.Q. Gathering - "Financial Life Planning: Building the Bridge between Knowledge and Action!" Participants at the 2014 "M.Q. Retreat" were passionate about the high value they place on being able to share time with like-minded professionals and asked that we bring the M.Q. Community together on an annual basis.

The "M.Q. Gathering" will allow M.Q. Community members to connect and share their knowledge and wisdom on non-Retreat years! This special event will be conducted in an all new format, new venue, and directed by YOU! 

Come prepared to work hard and drill down to the real issues and to uncover practical solutions.  Learn from your peers and share your own knowledge and experience.  The "M.Q. Gathering" will take place Ocotber 7-9 at the Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon. Enjoy a unique Portlandia venue that is conducive to fun and frivolity as well as rich and meaningful conversations.

Complete details and registration coming soon!

Posted 1/21/2015
March "Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning" Training!

Money Quotient's "Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning" training is returning to Portland, Oregon in the 1st quarter of 2015!! This three-day event is scheduled for March 2-4, and will feature our brand new training model! The purpose of the "Fundamentals of Financial Life Planning" training course is to provide participants with a thorough overview of Money Quotient's unique 5-E client meeting process for delivering holistic financial planning services. This intensive three-day course covers both the philosophical foundation and the practical application of the Money Quotient 5-E model of Financial Life Planning.




Posted 1/6/2015
"First Step Introduction" Webinar!

The "First Step Introduction" webinar, presented by M.Q. Vice President, Amy Mullen, will provide details on the the First Step Cash Management System™. Learn about this simple and unique approach to cash flow, how to use the process with clients, and fees for licensing and training.

The First Step Cash Management System™ is web-based software created by The Planning Center in Moline, Illinois. First Step provides clients with a simple and user-friendly method for managing cash flow, reducing debt, and increasing savings. First Step will help your clients gain a better understanding of their current financial situation, be aware of the resources they have available, and make plans for the future.

The session will take place Wednesday, January 21st from 11:00AM-12:00PM PST / 2:00PM-3:00PM EST.

For detailed information on the First Step Cash Management System™, please review the documents linked below:

First Step Fact Sheet

More about First Step

Key Concepts of First Step

To register, please CLICK HERE!

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